Why is Everyone So Mean to Me?

February 12, 2024
David Sunnyside

The 'why is everyone so mean to me' meme has been around since 2010 but didn't gain popularity until 2016. It's now one of the most well-known and widely used memes on the internet, often being used by people to express feelings of sadness or frustration with others. It can also be interpreted in different ways depending on the context it's used in, and some users may even use it as a way to get sympathy from others who are going through tough times.

The reason why the meme is so popular is because it's a relatable experience for many people. Everyone has experienced being let down or frustrated by others at some point in their lives, so the meme can be seen as a way to commiserate with those who are feeling down. However, the meme can also be used as a way to make fun of those who are sad or upset, and some people may even use it to be cruel and sarcastic towards others.

Some of the most common variations on the meme feature animals, cartoons, celebrities, or other popular figures. These variations usually have a caption underneath that explains why the figure is sad or frustrated, and they can be either lighthearted or serious. Some of these captions can even be controversial, which is a great way to spark conversations online.

The 'why is everyone so mean to' meme has also become a part of pop culture, with Justin Timberlake quoting it in his song "Can't Stop the Feeling!" It's also been featured in video games and other online content. For example, fans of the Overwatch game have posted memes involving the character Mei (pronounced the same as the meme's titular phrase).

David Sunnyside
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