Why is it Important to Read the Graphics Provided in Textbooks?

August 20, 2023
David Sunnyside

There are many benefits to reading the graphics provided in textbooks. By providing visuals, it is easier for students to understand concepts and make connections to the information they are learning. This is also helpful for students with learning disabilities such as dyslexia. Graphic novels allow students to engage in reading by combining words and images, which is more appealing for reluctant readers.

Often times students are asked to review complex topics that are filled with charts, pictures, and diagrams. These illustrations can provide a wealth of information, but they are often overlooked. The key is to take notes and highlight important passages. This will help you remember the material and be prepared for quizzes and tests. It is also helpful to write down questions for your teacher or TA, as they will be able to answer them during class or office hours.

Some teachers will weigh their tests more heavily on lecture notes than textbooks. It is best to find out this at the beginning of the semester so you can plan accordingly. If your teacher’s exams rely heavily on the material found in the textbook, try to read it through twice or more before the exam to really understand what you are learning.

Despite the misconception that comics and graphic novels are not "real reading," they can be very useful for classrooms. Using them to teach historical events, classic literature, wildlife and nature, and social issues can provide students with a unique way of experiencing these subjects.

David Sunnyside
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