Why is My Husband Such a Dork?

August 20, 2023
David Sunnyside

Your husband is obsessed with nerdy things like Legos, Star Wars or video games. He spends hours talking about them with his friends and is probably the best at trivia games. He collects memorabilia and studies fandoms to get the latest theories on what will happen in his favorite series. He loves this stuff and he isn't ashamed.

He doesn't treat you equally

If your husband goes out to big nights of spending with his buddies but if you go to see your girls, he kicks up a fuss and tries to control how much you spend or how often. This is a clear sign that he is bullying you and he needs to stop. Bullies are often afraid of admitting their mistakes or taking responsibility for what they say or do. This can lead to them trying to manipulate others.

He has a short fuse

If you are with a husband who has a quick temper, it is hard to know what might trigger him. He might seem sweet, lovable and a joy to be around with other people but with you, the slightest thing can set him off. This can be exhausting and damaging to your relationship.

If you are worried about your husband's behaviour, it might be helpful to speak to a relationship coach. They can provide advice specific to your situation and help you to communicate more effectively. They can also teach you some practical skills that will help to reduce your stress and improve the quality of your marriage.

David Sunnyside
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