Why is There an X Next to Someone's Name on Snapchat?

March 23, 2024
David Sunnyside

Snapchat is a popular social media app that kids and teens use to communicate with one another through pictures and videos, without consuming massive amounts of storage space on a phone like sending them through traditional text messaging would. It also allows users to control who sees the snaps they send, with options for them to be as public or private as they like. However, some users may notice an x next to someone's name on their Snapchat friends list, which can lead them to believe that the other user has either blocked or removed them. While this is possible, it's important to note that technical glitches within the Snapchat app can cause an x to appear next to a person's name for a variety of reasons that don't necessarily mean that the other user has blocked you.

If you've sent a friend request to someone and they haven't accepted it, the x that appears next to their name on your list can indicate that they've either blocked or removed you from their Snapchat friends list. Alternatively, the x can indicate that they've deleted their account and are no longer active on the platform. If you tap the x and find that options like block, report, and clear are available, it's likely that the other user has blocked you.

Lastly, the x that appears next to someone's name can indicate that you've removed them from your Snapchat friends list, and they haven't blocked or removed you from their list. You can still message them to ask them to add you back, and if they do, the x will disappear from your list.

David Sunnyside
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