Why Moving Your E-commerce Business To Liverpool Is A Good Idea

March 1, 2024
Natalie Thorburn

Although there are many good locations to run an e-commerce business from in the UK, one of the best has got to be the fantastic city of Liverpool. You may think that an e-commerce business can be run from just about anywhere, and to a certain extent, you would be right.

However, if you want to keep control of every area of your business, from the website to the warehouse, then you’ll need to look for a versatile location to house it all. Of course, this isn’t an easy decision to make, but there are so many reasons why Liverpool could be exactly what you’re looking for.

#1 Diverse workforce waiting for you

It’s no secret that Liverpool has a diverse and rich culture. Having a workforce with this background will inevitably provide you with people full of different ideas and innovations. This kind of make-up within your teams can give you a special insight into how different groups of people are likely to respond to your marketing or even the products themselves. You might also find that a diverse workforce is full of ideas for new products and allows you to expand your business into a range of different areas.

#2 Local outsourcing businesses available to enable growth and scalability

As Liverpool is quickly becoming a sought-after area for all kinds of businesses to settle in, it should be no surprise that there are companies and agencies that specialize in supporting business growth.

This means that if you move your e-commerce business to Liverpool, you’ll find HR outsourcing solutions, IT and cybersecurity companies, and, of course, a local Shopify agency in Liverpool all ready to help you add to your success and reach the dizzying heights that you aspire to.

Having these businesses on your doorstep means that if you need their assistance, for instance, in creating, developing, or auditing your Shopify pages, they’ll be close at hand and working in your time zone.

#3 Affordable business rents

Compared to some locations across the UK, you’ll find that business rents are far less likely to take a huge chunk out of your operating budget. This means that you’ll be able to invest that saving in rent money elsewhere in your business while not having to scrimp on the size of your unit, and, just as importantly, the facilities it has for your employees. It also means that you could well have a far greater choice of units within your budget.

However, in higher priced areas such as London, you’re likely to find that you’re incredibly limited indeed when taking into consideration the size, price, and location of any prospective premises.

#4 Globally accessible location for suppliers and shipping purposes

Location is another really important area for large or expanding e-commerce businesses. You’ll undoubtedly want somewhere that has transport links all over the UK, Europe, and even the world, and Liverpool will certainly not disappoint here either.

Suppliers will find it easy to get to your business while shipping out your orders, even if you’ve invested in your own business, fleet will be a breeze due to the road and sea links. As many customers see fast and safe delivery as a key part of their buying experience, this is important to focus on rather than treating it as something of an afterthought.


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