Why No Man's Sky Sucks

August 20, 2023
David Sunnyside

Explore a vast, infinite universe of never-before-seen planets, species and creatures in No Man's Sky. Featuring 18 quintillion planets, each teeming with life and danger, the player is set out to discover their own unique role in the grand sci-fi odyssey of humanity's first steps into the galaxy.

The game received mixed reviews at its launch in 2016 with praise for the technical achievements of the procedurally generated universe and criticism for a lack of several features that had been promised, particularly multiplayer capabilities. Hello Games responded with a number of updates and quality of life improvements and the game has continued to improve since its release.

In No Man's Sky players visit faraway planets and collect resources. They can build bases, trade with alien life, and even battle NPCs for a variety of rewards. The game is immersive and can be played in third or first person perspective. However, it is important to note that the game's flight controls are more difficult to learn and master in the first-person view. Attempting to fly with the first-person view can lead to confusion in dogfights as it is hard to see your enemy and the terrain around you at the same time.

No Man's Sky also has an enigmatic story that begins with a contact with the player from a mysterious being called The Atlas. It takes the player in a surprising direction that is reminiscent of The Matrix, culminating in a choice that has universe-wide consequences. The story is a bit of a letdown given the grandiose nature of the game, but it raises some interesting philosophical questions that are a welcome change from the grinding and the monotony of the everyday activities of No Man's Sky.

David Sunnyside
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