Why Not Both Gif?

July 16, 2023
David Sunnyside

A gif is an animation that shows image after image in quick succession to create fluid motion. The images are typically bitmaps (like JPGs and PNGs), or a combination of video and audio (like MP4 and WebM).

Static text can’t convey your message as effectively as a moving picture can. GIFs also help break up blocks of text in a blog post, making it easier for your audience to understand your ideas.

Adding a gif is a great way to thank someone for a comment, share a funny photo or video, or demonstrate how your product works. Just be careful not to overdo it or you’ll risk overwhelming your audience.

A well-designed gif will draw the eye, grabbing your readers’ attention and encouraging them to read your content. But a poorly designed gif will turn people off and make them skip your content altogether.

Why Not Both Gif

The internet is filled with memes, reaction videos and trolls that use the “why not both” phrase to encourage people to try two things at once. It’s a common sentiment on social media and in real life.

The popularity of gifs has even outgrown Giphy, which is currently being sued by the UK’s competition regulator for trying to block Meta’s $400m takeover bid. Despite this, Giphy still claims that it has the best collection of gifs on the market. But, with new competitors like Tenor and gif keyboards in apps such as Slack, you may be seeing more of the why not both gif in your inbox soon.

David Sunnyside
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