Will Anthem Have PvP?

February 10, 2024
David Sunnyside

Anthem is a co-op shooter with RPG elements that takes place in a world of giant, flying, customizable exosuits. Players will use these Javelins to fly around the open world and complete missions, with each suit having a unique set of abilities. During EA Play, BioWare's deep dive into the game, one fan asked if the multiplayer would include player-versus-player combat, and producer Mark Darrah confirmed that it won't at launch.

PvP is a major feature in the majority of online shooters, including its Anthem competitors, The Division and Destiny 2. It's not clear whether this will be something that's added down the line, but the team has clearly decided that it doesn't fit with the game's overall feel.

That's likely a good thing. Anthem's open world is filled with a hostile insectoid race, dangerous creatures, and randomized disasters caused by unstable Shaper artifacts. Cities rely on Freelancers, a group of Javelin-piloting heroes, to deal with these threats and protect citizens.

It's also worth noting that the game won't have a single-player campaign, which is another typical feature for RPGs and something that fans of previous BioWare titles have come to expect. Lead producer Mike Gamble told Game Informer that the game will focus on building meaningful types of rapport with other players rather than romantic relationships. This is a big step away from the flings that have been a staple of the studio's past work, particularly in the Mass Effect series.

David Sunnyside
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