Wilson Rush Pro 3.5 Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

The wilson rush pro 3.5 review is a shoe that has been a longtime fan favorite. It has a great balance of stability and speed.

The new iteration of this popular shoe takes on an athletic look. The shoe maintains its reputation for supreme explosiveness and stability in a fresh, tapered design. Load up for powerful, aggressive movements towards the net with ease thanks to 4D Support Chassis, and arch construction in the anti-twist outsole that generates plenty of lift and torsional control. An engineered mesh upper optimised for breathability adds extra power and comfort.

A full inner sock construction with Endofit helps to create a snug fit. While a Duralast rubber drag pad helps to prevent early outsole wear. The shoe is designed for a player who wants to dominate the game. Its a great pair of shoes for players that are tactical and have good footwork.

Most people who have purchased this shoe report that it fits true to size. The majority of reviewers report that the shoe is comfortable and doesn’t need a break-in period. They also love the fact that the shoe is lightweight and offers a great amount of support.

The wilson rush pro 3.5 update adds more durable reinforcements to the shoe. Lightweight Energy Cell EVA foam in the forefoot of the midsole provides a softer feel and optimizes weight transfer, so you can run faster with less fatigue. The shoe also has a minimal heel-toe drop, for the perfect balance between stability and speed.

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