Windjammer Cruise Review - A Classic Way to See the Coastline of Maine

May 26, 2023
David Sunnyside

The windjammer cruise review: a classic way to see the coastline of Maine

Sail-powered summer trips on these historic, owner-operated vessels offer adventure and relaxation while you take in the vibrant landscape of Mid-Coast Maine. You can explore the rocky coastal waters of Penobscot Bay on three- to six-day trips that vary in activity, including lighthouse visits and tours of secluded islands.

You'll never forget the moment you step aboard a Maine windjammer, so named because they use their sails to "jam" the wind. Once used to transport cargo over long distances, these large, multi-masted vessels are now beloved for their scenic beauty, delicious meals and fun onboard activities.

Guests are encouraged to mingle with other passengers, so much so that new friendships are made during a single cruise. And while the cabins on a Maine windjammer are smaller than those found on megayachts, they are outfitted with premium linens, small sinks and a porthole or portrait window (or a picture of a puffin). You can also request a private cabin.

While you're not hanging out in your cabin, the crew are busy with a variety of tasks on deck and below, from yanking on lines to assisting with food prep and serving. You'll also find crew members swabbing the decks, cleaning bathrooms, and helping to haul up anchors.

Captain Dennis and his crew always keep safety in mind on their 3 to 6 day cruises. They know the waterways around Rockland and Camden like the back of their hands and will share their love of the Maine coast with you along the way.

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