Witnesses Netflix Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

Witnesses netflix review

The first episode of this gripping French crime drama sees single mum and hair salon owner Jodie Packer (Nina Toussaint-White) suddenly ensnared in a murder case after she witnesses a violent gang killing a man in the street. She goes to the police station to give her statement but is stunned to find her name and address have been erased. She is identified only as ‘Witness Number 3’.

Her shock turns to despair as she is targeted by the killer, whose victim was one of her clients. But Jodie is no pushover and she hires bodyguard Ivan Barkas to protect her from the criminals.

As well as the action-packed plot, Witnesses also delves into Jodie’s inner world of being a Jehovah’s Witness. She spends time with her aunt and sister, who both seem like nice people, as they do her “service rounds”, visiting other homes to invite them to Kingdom Hall meetings. She also reflects on the books she read as a child, which gave her detailed pictures of Armageddon.

Marie Dompnier shines as Detective Sandra Winckler, a savvy cop who struggles to prove herself in this male-dominated profession. The series is gripping and, despite some improbable turns, makes sense in the end. But it’s also a thought-provoking drama that raises important questions about our collective humanity.

David Sunnyside
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