Wiz Got Wings Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

Despite the slew of projects his team has cooked up for him in 2021, Wiz Khalifa hasn’t released a solo project since 2018’s Rolling Papers 2. But that doesn’t mean the Taylor Gang head honcho hasn’t been busy. In fact, he’s been a prolific collaborator with his squad of frequent coconspirators this year alone. From a reunion with Curren$y to a new album with producer Girl Talk, he and his crew have teamed up on an array of releases, from the underground to the mainstream. VIBE spoke with him about their collaborative efforts, reviving the old school sound with his squad and the upcoming LP Multiverse with Curren$y.

"Wiz Got Wings"

This is the best track on this album and a perfect example of the chemistry between Wiz and his collaborators. Larry June’s unique rapping style sounds effortless atop Cardo Got Wings’ glossy G-funk production. The beat has a lot going on with various layers that create a scenic vibe while maintaining a catchy bass line.

Curren$y’s verse is another standout. He’s able to make the lyrics relatable even with his references to expensive home decor and Whole Foods smoothies. He also uses his delivery to highlight the track’s aviation themes, with a few clever flexes along the way.

David Sunnyside
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