Wot Rudy Review - Everything You Need to Know About the T-34-85 Rudy Tank

March 18, 2023
David Sunnyside

In this wot rudy review we will look at everything you need to know about this tier 7 medium tank. It has got good gun depression angles, perfect mobility and high DPM. It is also one of the few Soviet mediums that can actually bounce a shot.

T-34-85 Rudy is a great tier 7 medium tank to have in your garage. It has a reload that is hard to beat, a decently powerful gun and a turret that will put any other tier 7 medium to shame.

It is a good choice for MT players as it can easily snipe and brawl on the MT side of the map, whilst still having enough power to carry out support duties at the front lines. The T-34-85 Rudy is surprisingly agile as well, meaning it can quickly get to the crucial locations that matter.

The most important thing to remember about this tank is that it will be a lot of fun and rewarding to play. If you are new to World of Tanks or a veteran player looking to upgrade, the T-34-85 Rudy will be an excellent addition to your collection.

As with most tier 7 tanks, the T-34-85 Rudy is not for everyone, but if you have some gold to spare and want to try something different then this may be worth a punt. The T-34-85 is a good value for money and has the potential to be a lot of fun.

David Sunnyside
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