WP XACT Pro Motocross Fork and Shock Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

The WP XACT Pro forks and trax shock are a new closed-cartridge system that permits almost limitless damping performance thanks to a unique valving design. The fork and shock can be set up to suit any rider weight, riding style and conditions. Its not just the closed-cartridge that makes the difference, the materials used to make it all work together are also different which makes a massive difference to how the suspension performs.

The basic idea behind the cone valve is to try and avoid the'spike feel' that you get on a conventional shim-stack fork when it hits a big bump. The cone valve is basically a shimless mid-valve with a coil spring in the middle that provides the variable orifice function that shims normally handle. This allows for a more linear spring rate that doesn't have the same maximum safe deflection distance as a shimmed valve so can be setup stiffer without having to worry about bottoming out. It still has the same progressive damping curve as a normal fork though.

In motocross, WP has some of the best riders in the world using their suspension - from Michael Schumacher in F1 to Tony Cairoli and Jeffrey Herlings in motocross. This level of competition demands the best suspension and WP is constantly pushing the boundaries with their products.

This pair of forks and shock are no exception and I'm really impressed by the way they feel. They are very responsive yet provide a balance that doesn't take the fun out of the bike. As with all suspensions, it's important to see a WP authorized dealer to have the suspension set up for your weight and riding ability to ensure you get the most out of it.

David Sunnyside
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