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January 17, 2023

An Insight Into Its History, Components, and Editions


WPS Office is a comprehensive productivity suite designed for creating, editing, saving, and sharing documents, presentations, spreadsheets, resumes, and more in various formats. WPS is a diminutive for “Writer, Presentations, and Spreadsheets” It was previously known as Kingsoft Office, referring to its developer’s name. 

In the corporate world, where producing, saving, and sharing information is now completely digital, WPS is a well-known tool, capable of performing the simplest to most complex tasks. It allows creating content just the way you want, provides powerful editing features, and awful advantages over its giant alternatives in the industry.

WPS Office suite supports several operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Linux, iOS, macOS, and HarmonyOS. As a lightweight tool, it is also compatible with Android, which means it can easily be installed and fully utilized on any android device.

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WPS Office has emerged as an exceptional Office suite and has become the ultimate choice of millions around the world. It has enjoyed massive success over the recent years as by 2022, WPS Office reached up to 1.2 billion installations, with more than 492 million monthly active users.

History and Origin

The very first WPS Office suite, known as the Super-WPS Word Processing System and later termed simply WPS, was released in 1988. It was developed by a Zhuhai-based Chinese software development company named “Kingsoft” The developers initially marketed the suite as KSOffice but later called it WPS.

Since its first release, the company has been upgrading the software for further advanced and improved features. Several new versions were released over the past years. The ‘WPS Office V11.2.0.11440’ released in 2022 is the latest version to date.

The latest version added a new feature called “Optimized Spell Check” This functionality allows the user to check for misspellings faster and more precisely in different languages and replace or ignore all spelling errors at once.

Components Of WPS Office

The WPS Office is feature-rich software that allows users to work with its various comprehensive components to help them meet their work requirements. The four main components of the latest WPS Office suite are:

  • Writer

The WPS Writer allows creating, editing, and saving text documents. The text document can be saved in various formats; .wps, .wpt, .doc, .dot, .docx, .dotx, .docm, .dotm.

  • Presentation

The WPS Presentation provides the user with a broad range of functionalities to design and customize presentations. It supports .ppt, .pot, .pps, .dps, .dpt, .pptx, .potx, and more.

  • Spreadsheet

The WPS Spreadsheet is an extensive component that allows for preparing complex spreadsheets and workbooks. It also enables compound features such as comparing various sheets side by side and identifying differences. It supports .et, .ett, .xls, and many other file formats. 

  • PDF

The WPS PDF component has introduced many newfangled editing options for PDFs such as merging and splitting PDF files, converting pictures to a PDF and vice versa, adding headers and footers to PGF files, and much more.

All four components comprise the latest advanced features and powerful editing functionalities to take documents, presentations, excel spreadsheets, resumes, PDFs and whatnot from plain to exceptional.Free office training

The adaptability of this tool enables users from any field and department to meet their flexible work needs by using the right component. This is why WPS Office is trusted and relied upon by professionals from leading organizations and industries including finance, manufacturing, trade, construction, technology, and many more.

Editions of WPS Office Suite

WPS Office is a flexible and intelligent application software available in four different editions to provide its users with their desired degree of flexibility and functionality to align with their working needs. The four editions are:

  • Free Edition
  • Education Edition
  • Professional Edition
  • Business Edition
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