Wrestler Corbin Responds to Chef Reactions on TikTok

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

Wrestler Baron Corbin has accomplished a lot in his career, including becoming a WWE Champion. However, when he's not in the ring, Corbin likes to cook a little. He also has a high opinion of his own skills in the kitchen. So, when Chef Reactions took aim at one of his videos on TikTok, Corbin had to respond.

For those unfamiliar with Chef Reactions, he's a culinary artist who reacts to cooking videos submitted by TikTok users in a deep monotone voice and deadpan face. He's garnered more than 3 million followers on the app with his content and typically ends his video with a rating of 10/10 or stating whether or not he'd eat the dish.

The chef's content is not only entertaining, but it's often informative. He provides viewers with an inside look at the most bizarre recipes that the internet has to offer. Some of the dishes he's reviewed include Coca-Cola braised ribs, "trailer park potatoes," and "chocolate milk" made from raw liver.

As a result of his videos, chefs and food lovers have flocked to the chef to seek his advice on their own culinary endeavors. In fact, he's recently signed with WME to help him expand his platform beyond social media. We're guessing this means we'll be seeing a lot more of the man in a chef's hat as he sits through the internet's best and worst food creations.

David Sunnyside
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