Xamarin Review 2015

March 18, 2023
David Sunnyside

xamarin review 2015

Xamarin is the only native mobile app development platform that lets you build UI in C# and business logic in.NET and share them across platforms (iOS, Android, Windows). With Xamarin, you can write a single codebase for all your apps and update them with just a simple change in one file.

Almost all underlying iOS and Android platform SDKs are supported with bindings, making it easy to share UI and business logic. Strongly-typed bindings provide robust compile-time and runtime type checking, which leads to less error-prone and higher quality applications.

The Xamarin ecosystem includes frameworks, libraries and tools to help you build cross-platform mobile apps. These libraries and frameworks are available to developers under a wide variety of licenses, ranging from open source to commercial, and can be used in conjunction with the Xamarin SDK.

As part of the Xamarin SDK, Xamarin Visual Studio is a powerful, integrated development environment (IDE). With Xamarin Visual Studio, you can easily develop your iOS and Android apps on Mac or Windows.

It provides native-level app functionality and eliminates hardware compatibility issues. Moreover, it can help you link with native libraries that allow your solution to work with common device functionality across the platforms.

If you have a deep understanding of C# and are confident that your business apps will be employee-facing with very little slick UI, then Xamarin is a good choice for your development team. However, if you need to create more complex UI with a lot of animations, games or custom controls, you should stick with native development.

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