Yamaha A-S1200 Review

July 8, 2023
David Sunnyside

Yamaha's illustrious hi-fi legacy includes some truly landmark products, from the B1 V-FET power amplifier of the early nineteen seventies to the NS-1000M loudspeaker of later that same decade. Today, the company offers a comprehensive range of premium Hi-Fi components, from speakers to amplifiers and even pro audio mixing consoles. All of this experience has distilled down into the handsome new A-S1200 integrated amplifier, which sits below the flagship C-5000 preamp and M-5000 power amp in Yamaha's Premium Hi-Fi division.

Clearly, the design is a big deal, but the real surprise lies in the A-S1200's performance. This old school Class AB analogue integrated features five unbalanced line inputs - with one bypassed for use as a phono input - and rated output power of 90W RMS into 8ohms or 150W into 4ohms. The power comes from a massive low impedance 625VA toroidal transformer which, according to Yamaha, helps deliver the emotional impact of music.

The A-S1200 has plenty of muscle too. Listening to Touch Yello's Kiss In Blue, the opening bass is crisp with superb speed, elasticity and power. It is also refined, never sounding bombastic or overblown, and able to tame slightly forward-sounding speakers. Voices are equally convincing, and the longer you listen to this amplifier the more its virtues in the mid and upper frequency range will enchant you.

The on board phono stage is also impressive. It manages to retain the positive qualities of the main amplifier stages while adding a moving magnet and moving coil input and providing both high and low gain settings. This is a very capable performer and it shows that Yamaha takes vinyl seriously.

David Sunnyside
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