Yamaha FZ 07 Review

May 26, 2023
David Sunnyside

The yamaha fz 07 review has been the talk of the town since it launched in 2014 and it’s no surprise. It’s a featherweight motorcycle that rides and handles like a dream and is a ton of fun. It’s not just beginner friendly, advanced riders will find this little gem enjoyable as well.

The engine’s 270 degree, crossplane-concept cylinder layout is unique and allows it to make full use of the available torque, while providing a smooth power-band that runs all the way up to redline. With a 5.1 inch rear and front suspension, the bike is nimble, agile, and surprisingly comfortable.

A 3.7-gallon tank gives the FZ-07 a claimed 210 mile range. While there are plenty of electronic engines, suspension, and braking modes on modern bikes, the FZ-07 is refreshingly simple and uses its small 5.7-inch LCD dash to display all essential information in a compact and user friendly format.

With a conventional steel diamond-type frame and a tall, comfortable upright riding position, the FZ-07 is compact and easy to maneuver. The lightweight KYB 41mm conventional fork and single rear shock have 9-position adjustability and offer 130mm (5.1”) of travel. There is no throttle-by-wire, no traction control, and no rider mode button, which makes the FZ-07 one of the most pure sport/naked motorcycles out there. It’s also super-light and affordable.

David Sunnyside
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