Yamaha GP1800 Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

yamaha gp1800 review

When Yamaha released the GP1800, it shocked many with its performance capabilities. It has gained a loyal following since its debut, even though it is still one of the youngest models in the WaveRunner lineup. It has already dominated closed course racing and has earned a reputation for being a pure thrill seeker. Despite its high performance capabilities, the GP1800 still maintains a relatively reasonable asking price.

Featuring a specialized rider-inspired bolstered seat that has knee padding that extends up to the side, the GP1800 can easily accommodate up to three riders. The seat is designed for riding in racing environments, but it also allows for comfortable cruising and navigating flat water areas.

It is powered by the most powerful engine in the WaveRunner line-up, a 1.8L supercharged Super Vortex SVHO that can produce up to 175 horsepower at 6,500 rpm. Combined with the Nano Xcell2 technology, this powerplant offers a superior power to weight ratio.

The GP1800 comes standard with the RiDE intelligent braking system that helps prevent riders from being thrown off of the machine. It also has a convenient folding swim step and an all-important glove box that features two quasi cup holders. The large display on the dashboard provides important information like speed, fuel level and more.

The GP1800 also features 24.6 gallons of storage space, with most of it located in the bow area. The storage compartment under the rear seat is smaller, but it can still fit some gear. The GP1800 has no “Learner Key” or easily accessible throttled down setting, which means it is not ideal for beginner riders.

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