Yamaha RX V479 Reviews

May 16, 2023
Justin Ankus

yamaha rx v479 reviews

Yamaha RX-479 reviews

Yamaha's entry-level RX-479 home cinema receiver may not look flashy, but it still packs plenty of features for its modest price point - including standard 5.1 channel setup, Bluetooth connectivity, AirPlay support and internet radio radio services - more than you might typically find at this price.

There's also an impressive variety of HDMI inputs, including one that supports 4K upscaling so you can easily connect a 4K TV. All AV inputs are HDCP 2.2 compatible for copy protected content support; unlike some modern receivers, however, the RX-479 does not feature Atmos surround sound but has Dolby TrueHD and DTS Master Audio decoding features instead.

One thing that sets Yamaha apart in its price range is its outstanding sound quality. The sound is relaxed yet full of details that bring music alive; its midrange is warm and tonally rich while upper frequencies offer crisp clarity and detail. Furthermore, its wide soundstage adds depth and spaciousness to both music and movies alike.

Built-in Wi-Fi makes connecting to streaming services effortless, while its support of the DLNA protocol enables streaming audio and video from devices such as smartphones, tablets, and PCs. Plus its responsive remote makes controlling your system from distance a breeze!

This receiver comes equipped with various sound programs that create the impression of being in an actual theater or concert hall in your living space, while its YPAO automatic calibration feature measures your listening area to optimize speaker output for an exceptional experience.

All this comes together into one compact and sturdy body designed specifically to be used in smaller rooms. The design is simple yet straightforward; only its power and USB ports protrude from the back.

Although compact in size, the RX-479 still boasts enough power to drive most speakers with ease. Front and center channels deliver 80 watts each while rear and surround channels are rated for 30 watts a piece, giving this receiver enough punch for even small or medium-sized rooms to enjoy dynamic audio content.

Compared to some AV receivers, the RX-479 features an easy setup process that simply involves connecting a TV and powering on its unit. Setting it up further becomes simple with Android or iOS devices using the free AV Controller app; this app will guide you through each step and show how best to utilize your system - setting speaker levels and inputs as well as configuring desired sources is made simple with its handy user-friendly interface; great for novices or busy people without time for reading manuals! Unfortunately though, its interface could use some improvement;

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