Yamaha RXV 375 Review

May 26, 2023
David Sunnyside

The yamaha rxv 375 review is an excellent choice for those who prioritize impressive sound over an array of features. It excels with dialogue, delivering clear and expressive vocals that keep up with the rapid-fire delivery in Avengers Assemble. It also offers plenty of punch when it comes to the big explosions, with a solid and weighty presentation that doesn’t get muddy. It isn’t as dynamic or powerful as the top amps in Yamaha’s range, but it has enough heft to satisfy most buyers.

As with last year’s model, the RX-V375 is a non-networked receiver that skips Wi-Fi and Ethernet in favor of an HDMI port suitable for Roku Streaming Stick or HDTV. That’s a good move by Yamaha since most buyers won’t need these features anyway.

One key feature in the yamaha rxv 375 is the inclusion of YPAO, which makes it easy to calibrate speakers for optimum performance. The technology works by analyzing room acoustics using a microphone to adjust audio parameters accordingly.

Other welcome functions include an ECO mode that reduces power consumption by 20%. It’s ideal for those who want to use their receivers for late-night TV watching when they don’t want to disturb others with loud commercials or music. It also tones down loud TV commercials, so you can watch your favorite shows and movies without the annoying distractions. A USB input on the front of the unit makes it simple to connect an iPhone/iPod or USB thumb drives.

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