YBike Review - The YBike Pewi

March 18, 2023
David Sunnyside

ybike review

A great toy for almost walkers

The YBike Pewi is a hybrid, walking buddy that doubles as a ride-on. It’s perfect for kids 9 months – 36 months of age and helps to teach them important motor skills such as balance, coordination and body in space awareness while they build strength to start walking on their own.

It can even be used as a push toy or walker when they’re ready!

It’s safe, fun and durable with an all-plastic design that’s made to withstand the elements.

One of my son’s favorite toys is his ybike pewi (he calls it a “chub”). He has had it for about a year and it’s one of the best things to happen to him in a long time.

It does two things really well: it’s very stable and it has small multi-directional caster wheels that can easily be maneuvered around couches, chairs and other objects in the house.

You can also use it to encourage your child’s gross motor skill development such as pedaling, gliding or powering a scooter.

This is an educational and developmental toy that encourages balance, coordination and gross motor skill development while promoting a sense of adventure for young children.

You can buy a ybike pewi from YBike for $99 and you can win it in my giveaway below!

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