You Do Not Have Access to Chat

January 28, 2024
David Sunnyside

When you use an AI chatbot, you are basically talking to a super smart virtual assistant that is programmed to understand human language and answer questions. It is trained on a massive amount of data, devouring books, articles, and the internet to learn what it can about a topic before generating responses based on the prompts that you give it. But it isn’t infallible, and some of the things that it says might be disturbing to some people.

ChatGPT is a free service that anyone can use, although it does require an account on the OpenAI website and an active phone number for verification purposes. If you don’t want your conversations to be used for training, you can opt out of the chat history feature by going to Settings and enabling private mode. You can also enable the option that allows you to see your own chats, which will be retained for 30 days and reviewed only as needed to monitor abuse before being permanently deleted.

One of the reasons why you might see a “you do not have access to chat” message is that there are too many people trying to access the server at the same time, and it has gotten overwhelmed. You can try visiting at a later time when there are fewer people using the website, or you can sign up for ChatGPT Plus to get better general access during peak times and experience faster response rates.

David Sunnyside
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