Your Honor Review Episode 9 Spoilers - Eugene's Trial!

April 15, 2023
David Sunnyside

your honor review episode 9

Whether or not you watched last week’s Your Honor finale, you can probably still remember the intensely emotional cliffhanger. This week’s Your Honor review episode 9 brings it all to a head, with an ending that could make you scream.

Your Honor Season 2 Episode 9 Spoilers: It’s Eugene’s trial!

Your Honor, the gritty drama from Showtime, is coming to a close after 10 episodes. It’s a fitting end to an excellent series that has become a Showtime staple.

The show was an instant hit with audiences, who loved the Bryan Cranston-starring drama about a judge whose life is upended by a shocking crime. In fact, the first season of Your Honor was the top debut season ever on the network.

It ended with a heartbreaking and unexpected twist that might leave fans eager for a third season. But while there’s certainly still creative room, it looks like a long road ahead before we can see more.

What to Watch: Your Honor Review Episode 9

After a harrowing and revealing trial, the shady characters in Your Honor finally found themselves at each other’s throats, with Gina (Elizabeth Guthrie) delivering some of the best and most disturbing testimony we’ve seen in the show’s run. It was also pretty shocking to learn that Michael and Adam’s mother were having an extramarital affair, which explains a little about Robin’s mysterious death.

The show also gave us a taste of what might be in store for Joey’s future, with his storyline focusing on trying to find a way to keep Marienne safe and out of danger as the former judge goes through the trial process. It’s interesting to see a character who’s been portrayed as one of the more vulnerable in the show attempting to push himself to his limits and prove that he’s a strong man.

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