YUME Scooter Review

April 15, 2023
David Sunnyside

yume scooter review

The YUME scooter is the perfect mode of transportation for people who are looking to travel quickly and efficiently. This electric vehicle is compact and folds up easily for easy storage.

This e-scooter has a 60V 35Ah battery which can give you a total of up to 60 miles of riding before needing a recharge. It also comes with a wide range of safety features to help you avoid any problems during your journey.


The X7 e-scooter is one of the most stable models on the market thanks to its double motorcycle-grade shock absorbers that are specifically designed to work with all kinds of terrain and surfaces. This means you can ride over rough countryside roads, sand or muddy fields without worrying about your YUME scooter breaking down.

It also features dual brakes, which are great for those who love to stop on a dime. The front and rear brakes are easy to access because they are located right where your hands naturally rest when gripping the handlebars.

This model is also equipped with a key fob that makes it possible to disable the power on your scooter. This feature is a great way to prevent your YUME scooter from getting stolen!

The YUME H10 is the perfect way to travel fast and safely. This e-scooter is incredibly lightweight and can be folded up into a wheeled suitcase for storage. This allows you to carry it anywhere in seconds, making it the ideal choice for those who live on-the-go!

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