Zastava M90NP Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

zastava m90np review

The zastava m90np review is an interesting rifle in the crowded world of production AKs. It stands out among other AKs because it combines both Soviet and Western features. It is chambered in 5.56 NATO, uses standard AK magazines and can run a variety of ammunition types. It is lightweight, rugged and reliable.

Zastava is a company that has been making AK-pattern firearms in Serbia (formerly Yugoslavia) since the 1960s. They make a variety of AKs for the commercial market, and this particular model, known as the PAP M90 PS, is fundamentally based on the Soviet M70 pattern. It is chambered in 5.56mm, uses standard AK magazines, and comes with modern Hogue or Magpul furniture, as well as left-side optics mounting rails. It is also capable of launching rifle grenades, like the M70, but does not have the bayonet lug found on the military version.

It shares some of the same features as other AKs made by Zastava, including the bulged trunnion and chrome-lined barrel, but it has some unique upgrades that distinguish it from the rest. It has a different piston head that is ported and hollow to increase accuracy, and it ships with an AKM-style slant brake for added versatility.

It is also equipped with a new side-scope mount, which will give shooters a more stable shooting platform. Additionally, the rifle has an adjustable gas system that allows it to function in a wide range of environmental conditions. This is the first time that Zastava has imported a version of the M90 in the United States, and it is sure to be popular with American AK enthusiasts.

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