Zenefits ZMF EIkon Review

April 15, 2023
David Sunnyside

zmf eikon review

About the zmf eikon review

The zmf eikon is a retro-styled camera that is designed to evoke Nikon's FM and FE-series SLRs. It uses dedicated control dials to help make it easy to navigate, and has a very classic aesthetic that's sure to appeal to photographers who prefer the old-school feel of an SLR.

Featuring a 4K sensor (with uncropped video sampling) and Full HD 120 fps shooting, the Z fc produces very nice looking footage that's not quite as crisp as the over-sampled 4K video of the Fujifilm X-T30 but is very good nonetheless. Its color capture is pleasing, with low noise levels and room to brighten shadows. The electronic image stabilizer isn't gimbal-quality, but it offers a decent crop that does make a difference if you're using a lens with a large enough aperture.

Zenefits will offer a number of pre-made review templates that can be configured to match the type of review being created. These include Peer Review, Manager Review, Quarterly Reviews and Self-Reviews. Administrators will have the ability to select the employees being reviewed based on their department, work location, job title or employment type, as well as filtering by managers' direct reports, peers and a combination of those.

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