Zeon Rs3-G1 Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

zeon rs3g1 review

The zeon rs3-g1 is an ultra high performance all season tire that provides drivers of sports cars and sporty coupes breakneck thrills. Its asymmetric tread pattern delivers impressive handling and traction in dry, wet, and light snow conditions while offering year-round capability.

The silica-infused rubber compound and 3D micro-gauge sipes provide reliable traction year round, enabling this UHP tire to match the power of performance vehicles and delivering a smooth ride with low road noise. The large shoulder blocks and wide intermediate rib provide rapid steering response and control in corners, while the tread pattern’s advanced mold profile and race-inspired sidewall design promote a durable performance.

On wet roads, the zeon rs3-g1 offers surprisingly good grip thanks to its large contact patch and tread design, making it easy to maintain traction even when cornering at speed. The asymmetric groove pattern also helps to evacuate water from beneath the tread, which reduces hydroplaning and road noise.

Although it has an M+S (mud and snow) rating, the zeon rs3-g1 doesn’t perform as well as some tires with a dedicated winter tread design. However, it is drivable on muddy and snowy roads, providing acceptable levels of traction and short braking distances.

Despite their traction and handling capabilities, the zeon rs3-g1 tires do not offer exceptional ride comfort or low road noise. They do, however, come backed by a great warranty and offer a good value for money compared to other premium options in this category.

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