ZVOX SoundBase 770 Review

May 26, 2023
David Sunnyside

zvox soundbase 770 review

The zvox SoundBase 770 is a unique home audio system that offers a big TV sound upgrade without the clutter of a surround sound system. It’s the largest base-style system on the market, featuring five 2x3 speakers, three 5.25" powered subwoofers, and a powerful 125-watt digital amplifier. It also offers ZVOX’s advanced audio processor, PhaseCue virtual surround sound for 3D-style audio, and AccuVoice to pump up the intelligibility of TV dialogue.

Unlike a standard soundbar, the zvox SoundBase 770 has a hand-built wood (MDF) cabinet that blends perfectly with flat-panel TVs. It’s easy to set up with just a single optical cable from your TV. The sound is fantastic with super-clear vocals and powerful bass from three built-in powered subwoofers. It’s also surprisingly green for an audio system, with a class D digital amplifier that uses less than 10 watts of total power when playing at very loud volumes and very little in standby.

It can play music from any Bluetooth device using aptX technology, and it has an audio jack for connecting an iPod. It can even be programmed to respond to your TV’s remote. It’s not designed to play music for critical listening, though, and it doesn’t have a stereo mode that’s optimized for music. It does a great job of making TV dialog intelligible, though, and it can tame overly-loud commercials with an Output Leveling feature. It’s a very impressive system, and it’s unfortunate that ZVOX doesn’t seem to be producing this model anymore.

David Sunnyside
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