Gaheris - D Review

July 8, 2023
David Sunnyside

Gaheris is the son of Lot and Morgause, and one of Gawain’s younger brothers. In Thomas Malory’s Le Morte d’Arthur, Gaheris is little more than a supporting character to his older brother and is perhaps most remembered for his murder of Morgause (although T. H. White argues that Agravaine is the actual murderer). In the French prose cycles that predate Malory, however, Gaheris plays a greater role as both an object of sibling rivalry and an adventurer. His name is often confused with Gareth, and in fact the two are frequently merged in continental sources.

He is a squire to Gawain, whom he helps moderate his fiery temper, and is later knighted himself. He is also known for beheading his mother’s lover, Sir Lamorak, as revenge for Morgause’s murder by Agravaine and Mordred. Gaheris and his brother Gareth are also ordered by Arthur to form part of the guard that takes Guinevere to the stake; in their blind wrath, they decline to wear armor and are cut down in the confusion of the rescue.

Despite these dark marks on his resume, Gaheris remains a valiant hero in his own right and his story is one that should not be forgotten. This chapter is a wonderful showcase for both Gaheris and Lynet, who are both relegated to the background in other stories, but are given great moments here. In particular, the banter between the brothers is some of the best in this whole collection.

David Sunnyside
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